About us

MINKA is a citizen science platform for collecting biodiversity and environmental data, with a focus on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

MINKA offers a range of key features and a compelling value proposition. The platform enables users to collect and store data while facilitating its publication for accessibility by researchers and policymakers. A collaborative validation process involving experts ensures the accuracy and reliability of observations. The platform empowers citizen scientists, bridging the gap between scientific expertise and the public, and promoting community engagement and knowledge sharing.

By supporting the SDGs, it contributes to global priorities for environmental sustainability and helps monitor progress toward specific targets. Advantages include accessibility, scalability, community engagement, and long-term impact. It introduces a novel approach to citizen science, combining user-friendly interfaces, collaborative validation, and a visualization tool for supporting evidenced-based discussions.

Overall, the platform is important for democratizing environmental monitoring, fostering an understanding of biodiversity and environmental patterns and human impact, and enabling evidence-based decision-making and sustainability strategies for a more viable future.

MINKA stands out as one of the pioneering platforms that embraces a participatory approach to data collection for the Sustainable Development Goals through an open platform.

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