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BioMARató 2024
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How does it work?


Register your observations

Get your own environmental measurements or take georeferenced photos of marine and terrestrial organisms.

Soon you can

Register your observations to face the sustainable development goals

Register and share georeferenced data of environmental quality, social justice, etc.

Contribute to research on the sustainable development goals

The observations will be validated by experts and will reach the “Research grade” in citizen science. These observations will be uploaded to global repositories for will be used in investigation studies.


Share with the community  MINKA

Share your observations in a project, either in your own profile or in a Project of the MINKA community. You can invite others to join your project.


Speak about your views

Speak about your views, help the MINKA community and share your hobbies and interests.

Contribute to overcome the sustainable development goals

Every observation can help pave the way to a more sustainable future. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted by all UN Member States in 2015, provides a common plan for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and in the future. At its heart are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Minka supports the Sustainable Development Goals

By being part of the MINKA community, you address two of these goals: Life below water and Life on Land. At MINKA we will continue to work to provide you with more tools to address other SDGs.

be part of the

  • Keep a record

    Record your observations and save the data in the cloud. You can keep track of your observations and have them always accessible.

  • Connect

    Connect with the rest of the MINKA community. You will helps each other to validate or improve yours observations, learn about new projects and more.

  • Learn

    Increase your knowledge about biodiversity, species identification, sustainability and the environment by talking with the MINKA community.

  • Contribute to science

    Your observations will be validated by the community -thanks to the contributions of people, some of them experts- and will reach "Research grade". The observations will be uploades to global repositories waiting to be used in research studies.

  • Create your project

    Create projects aligned with your interests and invite the MINKA community to participate in developing projects for sustainability. You can also contribute to other projects that interest you, either by uploading observations or by joining the conversation.

  • Become MINKA ambassador

    Become part of the community of ambassadors, curators, engagers, citizen scientists or organisers of MINKA Bioblitzs.

Works in all of your  devices

Install our mobile app for observe all the time, even without mobile reception or wifi.

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